Abuse Policy

Last updated December 29, 2018

If you believe that your server is being targeted by a malicious Shellvault user, please contact abuse@shellvault.io immediately.

Shellvault acts in many ways like a proxy SSH service, which means there is potential for abuse of our site. It is our responsibility to minimize the risks of misuse wherever we can, although we can't go into detail about our methods for obvious reasons. We've implemented restrictions throughout the site (especially for free-trial users) that we hope will help us prevent 99% of abuse cases.

If you've been directed to this page from within the Shellvault application, it means our service determined that your recent activity was suspicious enough to throttle your usage. This shouldn't ever happen to normal users, so please let us know at help@shellvault.io what you were doing at the time.

Thank you for using Shellvault!