How Can VPN Protect You at Hotspots?

The basic principle behind the use of the VPN (which stands for Virtual Private Network) is the encryption of your data. All of your traffic gets tunneled and is redirected via remote servers. As a result, there is no way a hacker, snooper or any other threatening presence from hotspots can intercept your sensitive information.

Any tracking software will be unable to find your true IP address, since you will be given a brand new one from the VPN server you connect to. In a nutshell, you will wear your bulletproof vest and you will not have to worry about dodging any bullets – the VPN will do that for you!

So, if you are serious about avoiding threats on the Internet, you are strongly encouraged to learn more about the use of VPN and engage in a VPN plan as soon as possible.

The Top 5 VPN for a Hotspot:

Below, we have gathered the top 5 VPN service providers for you to keep in mind:

Hotspot Shield:

With Hotspot Shield, you can either get the free plan downloaded at no extra charge or go for the Elite VPN plan.

Of course, there are distinctive differences in the performance and quality offered – but, it is a solution covering all budgets. You can get up to five simultaneous devices and you enjoy advanced encryption with full compatibility.

No third parties are involved in their VPN network and this is a great bonus! Last but not least, there is great affordability in the Elite plan and you can choose among a plethora of payment options. To check all details visit their Website here.

The Pro’s and Con’s of Hotspot Shield:


  • Completely Free Version offered (but with ads)
  • 7 days free Trial of attractive Elite Version
  • Free anti virus software optional
  • No 3rd parties in vpn network included


  • Company located in the USA (NSA, GCHQ, Gag Orders)
  • Not clear in which countries they have servers


ExpressVPN has got super fine apps for all OS and unique compatibility. With an impressive, constantly growing VPN network and with unlimited bandwidth, it offers a great solution to those seeking anonymity and freedom online.

Multiple payment options and no logs kept are among its major benefits, as well as the preferred OpenVPN security protocol and the 256-bit encryption. You can use ExpressVPN on mobile phones as well, with sublime performance. To check all details visit their Website here.

The Pro’s and Con’s of ExpressVPN:


  • No Logfiles
  • Bitcoin Payment accepted
  • Non-US / non-UK company (NSA, GCHQ, Gag Orders)
  • Fast network with fast download speeds
  • Filesharing allowed


  • Just 2 devices at the same time
  • Seperate logins for each device
  • Not cheap


purevpnThe use of PureVPN will guarantee a wide selection of VPN servers (more than 300 located in well over 60 countries).

The price for the yearly subscription is quite affordable, while there are special features like Split Tunneling that can work wonders on your connection.

It supports all the advanced security protocols available nowadays, ensuring the best encryption layering. With a wide range of payment methods (including Bitcoin), it is a really solid option! To check all details visit their Website here.

The Pro’s and Con’s of PureVPN:


  • Many payment methods, incl. Bitcoin
  • 65% Discount on Annual Packages
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • Assigns a completely new IP for each user
  • Keep no logfiles
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • only 256-Bit encryption


If you choose IPVanish, you get a rich network of VPN servers (25,000+ IPs on 225+ servers in 60+ countries) that can cover your needs at all times (although congestion might be experienced at peak hours).

The price could be lower, but you enjoy quality services and simple point-and-click software for all your devices. It boasts being the only true tier-1 VPN service in the world and it provides cool apps for mobiles. It is uTorrent friendly and it keeps no logs whatsoever, which is great! To check all details visit their Website here.

The Pro’s and Con’s of IPvanish:


  • They keep no Logfiles
  • They accept Bitcoin
  • More then 15 years of experience
  • Many servers all over the world
  • Total anonymity possible


  • US service (NSA, Gag Orders)

HideMyAss VPN:

With HideMyAss VPN, you enjoy advanced encryption and an outstanding VPN network with servers in over 190 countries. The monthly cost can be high, but there are longer commitments that are quite inexpensive. Speed and unlimited server switching are great advantages, as well as the limit-free bandwidth.

The software available for all OS and devices is really easy to install and use, while there are various special features that add to your overall user experience. To check all details visit their Website here.

The Pro’s and Con’s of HideMyAss:


  • Many servers all over the world
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • Multiple Protocols
  • Dynamic IP address
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Bitcoin payment accepted


  • Only 2 devices at once connectable
  • Filesharing only in some countries
  • Keep logfiles
  • Proceeded the data of C. Kretzinger (Sabu, Lulzsec Hacker) to the FBI
  • No free trial
  • Live chat for only 12 hours per day

These are the 5 best VPN service providers that you can get, so as to enjoy web surfing not only indoors, but also in hotspots!

Feel free to compare and contrast them, prior to identifying the top option for you to go ahead with!

VPN Hotspot

Why use a VPN in a Hotspot?

Being on the go means that you do not have access to your private Internet connection all the time. This is one of the major issues for people who are busy and still do not wish to be cut off from their digital presence. A hotspot is an oasis of free Wi-Fi connection to the web, no matter where you are. This is what has added to the superb popularity of such Internet connections for the majority of people.

Regardless of the errands that you have to run, regardless of the place where you are at the time, you can drop a line on Facebook or check your emails, chat with a friend or find your way to the next gas station with the help of search engines or even GPS.

All that has made people truly adore hotspots and engage in web surfing, frequently without realizing the dangers that are lurking in the dark. A public Wi-Fi can be really appealing, but indeed it can lead to severe threats for you and the device you are using. You can be hacked, since hotspots are unprotected and hackers are well aware of these vulnerabilities. Important and sensitive data can be lost and get into the wrong hands, making it a truly risky matter.

Hackers can use packet sniffers, in order to gain access to any device that gets connected to the web with the use of public hotspots. Especially when the device is not protected via antivirus and firewalls, it is exceptionally vulnerable to online dangers.

Nobody is saying that you should just stop using hotspots and give up on your Internet connection when you are not at home or at the office. Still, you need to address the dangers and then prepare yourself for dealing with them effectively. If you do not know how you can do that, you had better get introduced to the term of VPN!

What Else Can I Use the VPN for?

Besides safeguarding your web surfing activities when you are at a public Wi-Fi hotspot, the VPN helps you out to remain anonymous and out of reach at all times. This means that no matter if you are at your home and you want to connect to the Internet without any risks or if you are at the office and you wish to send some top classified documents to your colleagues, the VPN is the solution! You get full and advanced encryption for personal and corporate information and docs.

In addition, you hide your IP and you get other IPs deriving from any place in the world. As a consequence, you can unblock geographically restricted websites and enjoy high quality content! Along with all that, you can engage in gaming activities and stream Video on Demand services without being left out due to your physical location.

Don’t you think that it is worth investing in such a powerful tool?