Anything on this page may change in the future. See our roadmap for some of what we have planned.


Shellvault costs $5 per month. We don't offer any deals or coupons just yet.

We process subscription payments via Stripe. You can cancel a subscription at any time. Subscription benefits remain active for the last full month that you paid for.

Free Trial

You may use Shellvault without a subscription (and with no credit card requirements) for free for 24 hours, starting at the time of your registration. The trial is full-featured except that you may only save two server connections at a time (which we limit to prevent abuse).

If your account is active but not subscribed (either after cancellation or after the trial has expired), you'll have full access to your settings and data but you won't be able to use the SSH client. You also cannot attempt to automatically deploy any server keys.