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Shellvault is an SSH console you can use in your browser. It's like PuTTY or Chrome Secure Shell with cloud support and an elegant interface: set it up once, and you can administer your servers from any computer without any extra setup. Shellvault is loaded with great features you'll love, whether you're working from home or from halfway across the world.

Powerful Terminal Multiplexing

Shellvault uses a beautiful fully-featured terminal emulator based on xterm.js . Arrange your work terminals with tabs and panes (or use tmux if that's your thing) and personalize your terminal color scheme to your heart's content.

SSH Security Made Simple

It's easy to use Shellvault without risking your personal credentials with our setup and security guides and our one-click unique key generator. We support two-factor authentication and automatic logout timers to keep your account and servers secure.

Easy Access from Anywhere

Shellvault acts just like any other SSH client: just set up your SSH keys manually or with our one-click ssh-copy-id helper and you're good to go. It works on all modern browsers and many old ones with no extra setup. Check out our setup guide to see how you can get connected in just a couple minutes.

Simple Pricing

Try Shellvault free for 24 hours, no credit card required. Then it's just $5 per month.

Try Shellvault for Free